If your hairdressing salon is a franchise, you can expect that headquarters will send in mystery shoppers to ensure that you and your stylists are following protocol…and that clients are leaving happy and with intentions of returning. If your hairdressing salon is an independent operation, you can expect that mystery shoppers, hired by consumer reporting agencies, are going to make the exceptional, the good, the bad, and the ugly into general, public knowledge.

Here are some of the things mystery shoppers will evaluate whilst in your hairdressing salon:

  • The exterior of your hairdressing salon:  Is it inviting? Is it obvious that it is a hairdressing salon? Is the entrance well-marked and does it welcome customers to enter through it? View it through the eyes of critical passers-by and decide if you would choose to enter, if you would be confused about where to enter, or if you would elect to keep on walking.
  • The speed of service: Is the person’s presence acknowledged immediately in a friendly and welcoming manner? Is he or she asked if an appointment has been made, or in what other way the staff may be of assistance? Does the person have to wonder where to wait for service, or is he or she directed, made comfortable, and informed of the approximate wait time?
  • The ratio of talking to listening: Is your staff listening to the wishes of clients? Asking the right questions and evaluating clients’ answers are the keys to gaining the information that will allow the stylist to communicate in the client’s chosen style, to gain the information necessary for delivering style that dazzles, to sell product, to schedule the next appointment, and more.
  • Selling product without sales pitches: Is your hairdressing salon putting clients or product sales first? The best way to sell product is to ask clients about their home hair care regimen, find out about their specific hair challenges, and other personal information…making it solely about them so that they will ask you about product.
  • The exit: Are clients happy enough with their entire experience, from entrance to payment, that they’re more than willing to schedule another appointment in advance? This is the final testament to satisfaction, and something every mystery shopper, client, and hairdressing salon looks for.

Ashley Howard, a fifth-generation hair stylist and hairdressing salon owner with decades of experience in the business, has loads more hairdressing salon advice that he is eager to share with hairstylists and hairdressing salon owners and managers. You’ll find information like this and much, much more in his forthcoming eBooks, on Scissorhands UK’s Facebook page, in The Hair Guru blog, and on the Scissorhands UK website. Ashley invites you to email him directly or to call him on 1535 658 570.