I've long realised the importance and benefits of having great lighting in hairdressing, probably back from my days of travelling and working with L'Oreal.

I've spent a lot of time, thought and money over the years on improving our own show lighting - as you might have noticed if you've seen us live in either Blackpool,London,Manchester or Birmingham NEC since we started in 2006.

I see issues in salons every day that basically can't see properly due to incorrect lighting.


In my experience it`s because lights are fitted as a “necessary cost” based on an electrical supplier and not what a hairdresser - cutter, or colourist really needs. The very worst conditions can cause eye strain and possibly lasting damage to the stylist's sight.

So I was very interested last year when I was approached by the lighting technology company, Parify Lighting and jumped at the chance to help develop quality lighting that was tailored specifically for hairdressing.

The result of this is a lighting system I'm very happy to endorse and partner with - and to introduce as the Scissorhands Salon Lighting System.

What I was looking to achieve was to design lighting that as near as possible emulates 'daylight' indoors, creating the perfect environment for both clients and stylists.

Lighting 'colours' are variable and can be modified to suit any decor and salon layout. But this doesn't mean just one type of standard lighting across the whole salon, there is also more ambient lighting in waiting areas and dynamic light for retailing.

The full benefits of this range of lights are:

  • Cool running – Lower than 50 degree running temperatures
  • Low energy – Up to 90% energy saving over traditional lighting.
  • Colours from Warm White ( skin tones and red colours ) to Daylight White ( for blondes and retail lighting )
  • Specific ‘Parify’ white developed for this sector (daylight)
  • Hair is visibly more vibrant, glossy and energised
  • Clients see true colours, without being cooked under powerful lights
  • Highlight and spotlight your retail area, promotingsales
  • Modular, bespoke designs - customisable
  • Available from bespoke refit, through to retro bulb refit 


For salons that want to know more about how good quality lighting can do for your salon business then please do get in touch for a free, no obligation consultation with one of our team.