Your choice in hairdressers scissors is a determining factor in the quality of the haircuts you deliver, work efficiency, ergonomic comfort, and overall feelings about your profession. A carpenter needs quality tools or the resulting work will be unsatisfactory. Likewise, surgeons, artists, and other precision professionals are only as good as the tools they use.

The same is true for a hairstylist. Your education, your talent, your imagination, and your technique may be flawless, but without tools that are comparable to your ability, the results will not showcase your capabilities.

Ashley Howard is so intent on getting the proper hairdressing scissors into your hands that he regularly runs unbelievable deals. The special purchase opportunities are ever-evolving, but just to give you a taste of what a typical savings month at Scissorhands UK looks like, here are some examples of what Ashley is offering right now:

  • 12 Days of Christmas Spectacular: This deal may be accessed through the Scissorhands UK Facebook page, ScissorhandsHairdressersAcademy. This holiday offer began on 3rd December, 2012 and will run for 12 consecutive days, with a different hairdressers scissors deal every day. So far, Ashley has offered 25% off the 6” Carbon Cutting Scissor and £40 off the Academy Student Set.
  • For a limited time, Ashley’s offering The Carbon Complete Set, normally priced at £416, for only £299. “Carbon” because they’re coated to eliminate reactions associated with nickel and other metal allergies. “Complete” because with this set, you’ll get every tool you need for straight cuts, softening, thinning, layering, and texturising. “Set” because even the regular price offers a savings as opposed to buying each piece separately. Did we mention that you can get the set for £117 less than the normal price?

We encourage you to take advantage of these deals and to check back often for new and exciting ones. Not sure which hairdressers scissors are right for you? Call Ashley on 01535 658 570 or email your questions to him.