At Scissorhands UK, we know exactly what every hairstylists needs to accomplish this goal. It’s what we affectionately call our Hair Dressing Toolkit, and it really does include the tools every hairstylist needs to save time, prevent aches and pains that result from strain, and produce the calibre of hairstyle that will not only thrill their clients, but will establish them as go-to professionals.

What’s in the toolkit?

Short-blade hairdressers scissors are best for cutting against the inside of your hand and for making precise cuts in very small sections of hair. Often, students and new hairstylists will use a short-blade hairdressers scissors for all or most of their haircutting needs; however, the addition of a long-blade scissor is necessary.

Long-blade hairdressers scissors are needed for cutting over the knuckles, point cutting, and texturising. The longer blades provide a soft cut with minimal hand movement. If a short blade is used for point cutting, more movement will be required of the scissor hand, resulting in unintentional cuts whilst delving in. Using a short blade when cutting over the knuckles not only increases your chances of cutting yourself, but results in a choppy look because the cut cannot be made in one sweeping motion.

30-Tooth Thinning Scissor is essential for removing hair weight without leaving cut marks. It has also proven indispensable when one section of hair needs to be blended into another.  

The 15-Tooth Layering/Texturising Scissor is perfect for creating textured looks or soft layers. Many hairstylists make their best attempts at producing soft layers by straight cutting, blow drying, and then point cutting. In the end, they have performed two haircuts without any assurance that the final product will be a flawless one. The 15-Tooth Layering/Texturising Scissor may be used whilst cutting over the knuckles, over the fingers, or scissor-over-comb. We consider this to be our most ground-breaking product and a valuable player in any hairdressing salon professional’s toolkit.

These hairdressers scissors are four key tools of the trade, but there’s one more feature we’d like to touch upon. Straight, even-handled hairdressers scissors are very common; however, they’re not the best choice. Instead, we advocate the use of scissors with offset handles, meaning that one fingering is longer than the other. Whilst point cutting and cutting against the knuckles, offset handles will bring the elbow down, resulting in less strain on the body. Whilst cutting against the hand, offset handles will not “get in the way,” making it simpler to make great cuts right at your skin.

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