Most mornings, you’re late. You misplace your hairdressers scissors at least once daily. You promote a team atmosphere amongst your staff. Your clients confide in you; they trust you.

Any idea what these traits say about you? If you’re like many struggling hairdressing salon owners, you’re not sure about what it means or even why it matters.

Your personality type helps to determine how you learn, how you interact, and it highlights your strengths and weaknesses. Before we continue, let’s look at four main personality types:

  • Organised:  fixation on sticking to a schedule, punctual, dependable, formal in interactions, resistant to change, stubborn
  • Intellectual:  hungry for information, knowledgeable, “in the loop,” intelligent, eager to point out mistakes
  • Sensitive:  craves human interaction, caring, family-centred, attentive, kind, intuitive, high-strung, can fall to emotional wreckage
  • Creative:  imagines possibilities, lack of inhibition, helpful, imaginative, gets lost in daydreams, is often late, loses things

Before we move on, take a moment to identify your predominant personality type. We all possess a mix of the four, in differing degrees. Now, determine which ones follow, in which order, and in what percentages. You might feel that Creative (70%), Intellectual (20%), Sensitive (15%), and Organised (5%) describes you. Use this mix to determine how you can improve…how you can become a hairdressing salon owner or manager with a good balance of creative energy, sensitivity, intellect, and organisational skills. Don’t sacrifice your strengths; simply work to improve your weaknesses for the sake of the hairdressing salon.

Next, whilst choosing staff, remember that the hairdressing salon will benefit from a good mix of personalities. If your staff are predominantly organised/intellectual, your clients will miss out on fun, compassion, creativity, imagination, and artistry. If every staff member is chiefly sensitive/creative, the hairdressing salon doors may not open on time and the books may never get done.

Finally, gauge your clients’ personality types with the intention of connecting with each one on a personal level. Pay close attention to how prompt they are, how much they like or avoid change, the types of subjects they choose to talk about, how organised they appear to be, their empathy levels, and other clues. Determine their prevailing personality type and communicate with words, style suggestions, and product recommendations (when prompted) that will complement their personality types. For instance, a busy working executive mother might appreciate a blow-and-go style. A dramatic actress with tight family ties might appreciate a brand new cut and colour.

Everyone is unique. Finding a synergy in your hairdressing salon and using that to tap into your clients’ needs will keep them happy – and returning. Call 01535 658 570 or email Ashley Howard for more on staff and client retention.