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Personalised Engraving for Hairdressers Scissors

When a hairdresser’s profession is his or her passion…

When making people look and feel good makes any day a good day…

When the tools that they use make it possible to create, to uplift, to inspire…

Then their hairdressers scissors aren’t just a job requirement…

They’re essential components of success, and therefore, close to any hairdressing professional’s heart. 

Personalised engraving of hairdressers scissors is one service that meets a variety of needs. Often, a hairdressing salon might want to inscribe tools with the name of their establishment – for branding purposes. Some stylists crave the uniqueness – the bespoke quality – of items that bear their names. Yet others like the security of knowing that their names are etched onto their tools, increasing security and decreasing the likelihood of misplacement and loss.No matter if you’re the creative type, who enjoys the personal flavour offered by engraving, or the practical type, who requires the security that permanent identification gives, personalised hairdressers scissors are right for you.

For just £20, you can experience the satisfaction of knowing that your scissors are forever yours, or of knowing that your staff are working to build your brand while cutting the hair of the clients who are your word-of-mouth advertising. Even if you’re not a hairdressing professional or salon owner, personalised hairdressers scissors make great gifts for students and professionals. Our “tool kit” is just what every stylist needs, and personalising each piece makes your thoughtfulness unforgettable. Scissorhands UK will personalise scissors for shipment anywhere, within the UK or overseas. Why not be the first in your salon to use this bespoke approach to individuality? Why not increase security and reduce the costs associated with loss?


A family business with long hairdressing heritage.


Expert product advice, finance, training & scissor care.


Our scissors are forged using the highest quality steel.