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We’ll Care for Your Hairdressers Scissors

*The Scissorhands Scissor Care Programme is offered especially to you when you buy hairdressers scissors from Scissorhands UK.

  • Feel like you’re always dropping your hairdressers scissors?
  • Do you sit on them regularly?
  • Are they showing signs of being knocked around in the trolley?
  • Are your scissors, and you, feeling the pain with every plummet from your worktop?
  • And every clatter to the floor?

Or, are your hairdressers scissors crying out for relief from regular wear-and-tear? Maybe they’re just not cutting the way they once did… showing their age. Manufacturers of scissors recommend that regular maintenance be performed on every pair, including complete disassembly, balancing, sharpening, and close examination of all moving parts. This type of upkeep increases scissor life and keeps each pair operating at optimum levels.

But how does a hairdressing salon owner or stylist go about obtaining this type of service? It’s easier than you may think. With our Scissor Protection Programme, Scissorhands will do all of this and more for less than three pounds per month. “What,” you might ask, “is the catch?” There isn’t one. This is simply accidental damage coverage and it protects your investment from all of the accidents mentioned above. No matter the story that backs your hairdressers’ scissors damage, we’ll cover up to three repairs per year – and yes, these repairs are included for that fee of less than £3 per month.


Simply select the programme in the basket page once you have selected your scissors,or contact us here or call +44 (0)1535 658570 to enrol in The Hairdressers Scissor Protection Programme and start enjoying the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your investment is protected.

The condition of your hairdressers scissors determines how well they operate. Likewise, preventing the loss of your scissors ensures that you always have the tools with which to be your best. Our scissor care wallet not only protects your tools from damage during falls and other impacts, it helps to prevent loss. Holding two pair of scissors, one razor, and two combs, it can be stored on your worktop, tucked into your pocket, or stowed in your bag. What’s more, you can increase security and give your scissors a bespoke quality by having each pair engraved with your name, your brand, or your salon name.

There are lots of ways you can prevent loss, damage, and excessive wear-and-tear of the tools of your trade. For support or more information about how to best protect your hairdressers scissors, simply contact us here or call +44 (0)1535 658570

Click here to read the Terms and Conditions of The Hairdressers Scissor Protection Programme >


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