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Metal Descriptions

The basis of all scissor prices is based on the type and quality of steel they are made from. As a sliding scale of metal quality;

Basic Stainless Steel
This is the lowest quality steel scissors can be produced from in Europe. At Scissorhands UK we don`t use this steel in the manufacture of any of our scissors.

420 J Steel
The basis of better quality stainless steel. Smoother and shinier in appearance, this steel provides a better cutting edge than basic stainless steel, although it is often considered disposable due to its lower cost and basic quality.

440 C Steel
This is the most popular steel for scissor manufacture in Japan. It has a higher density which makes a smoother surface possible. This will give scissors a good all round feel and a more durable edge than 420 J steel. This steel re-sharpens well.

Molybdenum Steel
This has Molybdenum added to the 440C steel which gives an even smoother finish to the metal. Scissors made from this steel are smoother and can potentially hold a better edge than 440C steel. This steel re-sharpens without having to remove as much metal on a normal service - meaning your scissors can be re-sharpened more times and have a much longer life. When you cut with this steel, you immediately notice how it moves much more smoothly and with less effort.

Hitachi Steel
Similarly to Molybdenum, it offers increased smoothness and the ability to re-sharpen more frequently without removing as much metal. Again these scissors are an upgrade from 440C and this steel repair’s and sharpens very well.
In our opinion, the benefit of Hitachi steel is its balance of performance plus durability.

Other Steels such as: Damascus, V10 and ATS 315 are also very good scissor steels which we have used previously and may use in the future. We do not use Cobalt steel though because although it is undoubtedly hard, it tends to be more brittle and chips easily when dropped.

VG Steel
This is Japanese stainless steels, manufactured by “Takefu Specialist Steels”.

VG Takefu steels are renowned with some of the very best Japanese scissors produced. Their unique list of ingredients and tempering processes are the result of a long history of steel manufacture. Also known as “The Super Steel” VG steel has better sharpness, edge retention, edge strength, shock resistance than almost any other steel. The reason we use it is its ultra smoothness and its ability hold an incredibly sharp edge.


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